Thank you for your interest in our shop.

We welcome walk-ins, but if you want to ensure getting a tattoo, then setting up an appointment is going to work best.

If you have examples, or reference photos, of the direction you would like to take your tattoo, then bring those in. (or e-mail them to Some tattoo ideas benefit from giving the artists more draw time. If this is the case, then we categorize these sorts of designs as customs.


We require a non-refundable $60 art deposit with all of our customs.* (The $60 comes off price of tattoo when it is finished). We take all of your input, pertaining to your tattoo, and then draw you up a couple or sketches for you to look at. We will call you once we have your sketches ready.From there, you can stop by the studio anytime in order to check them out. We will make any revisions if necessary. Afterwards we can set up an appointment for you to get your tattoo.

*With all customs, we do ask for a 30 day limit in order to enable us artists to be able to produce quality ideas. (We are very busy artists that tattoo and work with other customs as well.)