Tattoo Aftercare

Leave bandage on til tomorrow. Tomorrow when you shower, go thru your normal routine, all the while letting bandage soak. At the end of your shower, take bandage off. Take bar soap in hands and lather hands up. Now use that lather with your finger tips, and wash your tattoo. Your are trying to wash away any remaining residue from the tattoo procedure. Wash your tattoo good 3 times in this manner. Wash/rinse. After that, pat it dry with a towel, do not rub.

For the next 3 days you will leave tattoo alone. Try to minimize any kind of moisture or friction to your tattoo.

After those 3 days, you will apply a fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic lotion to your tattoo, in a nice thin even layer. Vaseline Intensive Care or Walgreens knock-off work well. You will continue to apply lotion throughout remainder of healing period. Nice thin even layers, do not saturate. (NOTE: If when applying lotion on for the first time, it stings or burns, rinse off completely, and pat dry with a towel. Try to start the lotion stage the next day.) During the healing it is natural for it to itch, DON’T SCRATCH, slapping it may relieve some of the irritation.

If for some reason your not sure of any of the aftercare, or any questions or concerns feel free to call us!
(218) 728-8995

This aftercare is not to be considered a substitute for medical advice from a physician. Be aware, however, most medical professionals have no specific training or experience regarding tattoos and may not be educated on how to best help you.

The better you are at following this procedure, the more likely your tattoo will heal successfully! We hope you love your tattoo!