Brian “B.C.” Carlson

Greetings, my name is Brian Carlson. I was born and raised in Duluth. Duluth is where I still reside, and it is also where my current tattoo studio is located. I have been tattooing professionally since 2004. I opened my own shop (V.I.P. Tattoo Studio) in 2008. My goal is to provide clean, friendly, and professional tattoo services that cater to the Twin Ports area and surrounding communities. I have been an artist for my entire life. I like a variety of art forms, mediums, and techniques, however, tattooing is my favorite. While I enjoy tattooing a diverse range of various styles, my personal favorite style to tattoo is realism. However, I also enjoy tattooing semi-realistic themed tattoos as well.  Below you will find photographs of some of the tattoos that I have had the privilege of working on over the years. Feel free to browse the website and contact me through email: or phone: (218) 728-8995 if you have any questions. Thank you!


[img src=]30260
[img src=]22720
[img src=]18051
[img src=]17211
[img src=]17391
[img src=]17421
[img src=]13671
[img src=]14210
[img src=]13530
[img src=]13340
[img src=]12490
[img src=]12590
[img src=]12530
[img src=]13040
[img src=]12510
[img src=]11320
[img src=]11370
[img src=]11091
[img src=]9560
[img src=]10020
[img src=]10320
[img src=]9920
[img src=]9860
[img src=]9300
[img src=]9090
[img src=]8630
[img src=]8390
[img src=]9650
[img src=]9300
[img src=]9510
[img src=]10110
[img src=]10520
[img src=]9671
[img src=]8850
[img src=]8080
[img src=]8410
[img src=]7880
[img src=]8110
[img src=]8430
[img src=]8660
[img src=]8640
[img src=]6640
[img src=]7550
[img src=]7350
[img src=]7060
[img src=]6720
[img src=]6640
[img src=]6960
[img src=]7220
[img src=]7380
[img src=]6950
[img src=]7100
[img src=]6290
[img src=]6300
[img src=]5840
[img src=]5980
[img src=]6060
[img src=]5741
[img src=]5990
[img src=]5760
[img src=]5320
[img src=]6420
[img src=]6000
[img src=]5730
[img src=]5691
[img src=]5570
[img src=]5600
[img src=]5640
[img src=]6170
[img src=]5730
[img src=]5080
[img src=]5250
[img src=]5240
[img src=]5260